Monday, February 2, 2009

Eight Things You Did Not Know About LFTI

Hello everyone! Happy Monday. I hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl. I sure did! I was in a theater watching The Wrestler. Brilliant movie. I had no idea Mickey Rourke looks so much like William Shatner these days. The two could play brothers. Isn't it fun to learn new things?

With that in mind, today I present 8 things you did not know about LFTI. They seem to be fairly Guy-centric, but that's pretty much because I know a lot about the things I did and not as much about what other people did. That's what actors do. They're selfish.

Episode 1: In the original pilot script, the subplot of the microwave did not exist. Watching it now, it seems impossible that the episode could have existed without it.

Episode 2: I bought two giant suckers to use for shooting. There were some questions whether we needed a stunt sucker or not, but the purchase paid off. During shooting in the alleyway, the stick broke, and the sucker shattered all over the pavement. I had to suck a new notch in the stunt sucker to get it ready before we continued shooting. You can tell when I'm using the new sucker because I'm holding it higher up on the stick, so it won't break!

Episode 3: The little paper things in the basket that fly everywhere when Guy's ass is grabbed by Olava are the packaging cups from a tin of Danish butter cookies. Practically, it makes no sense for Mason to have a basket of these in his apartment, but comedy won out over practicality that day.

Episode 4: I was incredibly ill during one day of shooting. Scary ill. But not contagious.

Episode 5: The costume Ashleigh was originally supposed to wear under her robe was a flowery, elegant, Ren Faire affair.

Episode 6: This was our hottest shoot ever, which was unfortunate, since it was shot in HD. Even shrunk down for the Web, the HD footage accentuated our sweatiness something fierce! (Contrast that with Episode 2, which was supposed to be incredibly hot, but turned out to be the coolest shoot we've had. Go figure.)

Episode 7: This script was a merging of two separate ideas from both Steven R. and Robb; Mason's unnamed, reverse-engineering nemesis was combined with Mason's brother, Dixon, who had some kind of claustrophobic issue and thus could not come into the apartment.

Episode 8: The boom box used in the episode is my Casio KX-101, which I've had for over 23 years.

Wait, Episode 8? Was that just a sneak of some kind? It was, dear reader! It was!

I hope you found this informative. If somehow you already knew any of these things you did not know, then I present you with this prize: The end of the post!


Chez Sarcastica said...

Great post - a nice little trip down memory lane!

I completely forgot about how sick you were when we filmed Episode 4. You aren't kidding, you were really, really sick and no one else got sick but you. How weird.

Robb said...

I forgot you were sick too! Then again, I try to ignore you as much as possible, so that might account for it. I didn't even know you were in the show until episode 3!

Also, I have the breaking of the sucker on tape! We'll have to put it into some LFTI Massive Master Blooper Reel or something.

The microwave didn't come in until like the 4th draft of the pilot script! (the other drafts were REALLY kind of sucky)

Anonymous said...

Actually, it makes sense, then, that I didn't know you were part of the show until episode 3 as well! I was wondering how it was getting edited and posted. For the longest time, I thought it was the Editing and Posting Fairies. Not so far off the mark in the end, but still...

Boy, yes, I was super sick. Cold and clammy, dizzy, blech! Was I feverish? I can't remember. I just know I had to put on makeup just to look normal and not so pallid.