Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whether You Need Rent or a Crack Rock

Just give Pawn Pete a call!


Because it’s New Music Wednesday!

Okay, you caught me. Those two things really have nothing to with each other. But I need some kind of introduction, don’t I? And since my brain is fried from working on some writing for LFTI Episode 9, you’ll just have to bear with me.

This week’s musical offering may sound a bit familiar, but I assure you, if you write it off as recycled material based on the first part then you’ll be missing out on something. Namely the rest of the song.

This tune is a continuation of the Pawn Pete Jingle that I posted earlier. Once I wrote the jingle I knew that I wanted to expand it into a full song. Mostly so that I could post it here later as “value added material” but also because it was fun to write and perform.

Moreover, I wanted to say a little something about pawnshops in general with the song. Pawnshops make me sad. Most of the stuff in there was hocked in desperation (not all). But I bought my bass at a pawnshop in Lubbock, TX for a great price (Lubbock has a lot of pawnshops by the way), so pawnshops make me happy too. Did I care that the previous owner probably sold the thing after having the sad realization that they’d never be able to play like Les Claypool from Primus (showing my age here)? No, I did not care. I wanted a bass, they had a bass…

I’m sure that most people probably feel the same way about pawnshops. Hate pawnshops because they prey on people’s desperation and aggression. Love pawnshops because they’re like a savings fiesta!

That’s what I was going for with this tune. The dichotomy of whimsy and reality. Did I get it right? You tell me. You can hear the song this week over at our Facebook page:

The LFTI Facebook Page

The song is called “Pawn Pete” It’s down the page on the left under the “Music Player.” (This gets tedious every week; I wish Facebook would publish the songs as an update too. Sheesh!)

You can hear it next week right here on this blog. Until then why not visit our Facebook page and become a fan? We would appreciate that immensely.

Also in the meantime, why not take a second to listen to the rap song I posted to Facebook last week? It’s here now, on this blog, for your enjoyment.

You can read all about it here.

And stay tuned for next week’s New Music Wednesday where I’ll be posting yet another song from LFTI Episode 8. What?! You haven’t watched LFTI Episode 8 *may be addictive yet?! Well, go here and catch up!

What’s that again?! You say you’re getting tired of me pretending as if we’re having a conversation when in reality I’m simply answering rhetorical questions that were never actually asked?!

…Deal with it.


Oh, and the LFTI tune “Brainwashed” has reached 38th in Indy Rock at! Hooray! (You can hear it on last week’s post) AND “Thanks for Nothing, Mason” has reached 29th in Jazz! Eclectic! (Hear that song here)

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