Monday, December 23, 2013

LFTI Lives!


...Wait ...what?! What's this? A post from beyond the grave?! It's the ghost of LFTI!!!!

Don't freak out. There's no such thing as ghosts. And even if there were, we're not dead. In fact, we've just finished re-releasing ALL of Life from the Inside on the new My Damn Channel Comedy Network!

LFTI is now full and uncut!

We even created a new YouTube Channel for it:

As it was initially intended to be all those years ago in 2006 when we shot the show BEFORE really doing any research about distribution. Turns out, YouTube (which was brand spankin' new at the time) had some policy about videos only being about 10 minutes long. They were also presented in 4x3 aspect ratio, like a 1950s television set. So, we used to have to letterbox all of our anamorphic videos before posting them. And there was a ridiculously low file size limit as well, which meant that bitrates needed to be tiny too. Low resolution!

If that last paragraph has you confused, good. You're probably a much happier person for having no idea what all that useless crap means.

Needless to say, the early uploads of LFTI (especially on YouTube) look horrible. I'm pretty sure they're going to use them in ophthalmological schools as examples of what it's like to have degenerative eyesight disease.

So, they needed to be fixed. And they "have been." Why quotes? Well, because nothing's perfect when dealing with technology. So, I'm sure they'll be "fixed" again sometime in the future. I assure you it's our never-ending dedication to the show that drives us, and not the fact that we have nothing better to do than recompress LFTI videos every few years.


There's another reason that I'm writing this blog post however. Slowly but surely, I've been "updating" the LFTI website. So, I've been going back through these old blogger posts and tagging them accordingly in order to better integrate them with their corresponding episodes.

So, if you haven't been here in a while (like me), why not poke around a little and reacquaint yourself with the good old days!

That's what I've been doing.

And, if you're looking for some kind of KATR Pictures fix (that's us), go to our website and see what we've been up to since Life from the Inside!

It was nice talking to you again!


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