Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lemonade Anyone?

We’re back over 1000 subscribers on YouTube!

We’re almost back to where we were before the “Great Subscriber Hurricane of Aught 8.” The storm that swept through YouTube wiping away any and all subscribers who weren’t firmly nailed down. Total virtual carnage. I would say it was a tragedy, but that would be…well…dumb.

But we’re happy to be back to 1000+ subscribers! A special thanks to YouTube for the feature on the entertainment page! As always, it’s been a great help to our little show and we appreciate it so very much.

Let’s move on shall we? Every time I praise YouTube, no matter how sincere I am (and I am sincere, they rock), I feel a little like I’m praising our new alien overlords or something. Kowtowing so that I don’t get sent to work in the virtual spice mines.

We can talk “Lemonade.” I capitalized that word because I’m not talking about the beverage, I’m talking about the tune from Episode 7.

What?! Did you really think this was going to be a post where I didn't subject you to more music?! Come on, you knew it was coming. You had to. Don’t be so naïve. Don’t act like this doesn’t happen almost every Wednesday! Unless you’ve never read this blog before…

In which case, welcome! Please excuse my earlier rudeness. This is the LFTI blog where I share music from the show with you, the interested reader (and listener). It’s highly fascinating and pleasing and not at all tedious.

If you aren’t new to the show, then stop laughing! It’s not tedious! Stop saying that! Can’t you be respectful to the new person? Why do we always have to fight in front of company?!

Sorry about that.

Let me tell you a little something about the song that I’ve aptly titled “Lemonade,” from Episode 7.

I was kind of going for a Leon Redbone type thing (never heard Leon Redbone? I’ll bet you have, even if you didn’t know it. Check him out, he’s great). Some may ask “why do you emulate so many other styles of music instead of just trying to solidify a musical identity for the show?” Okay, no one has ever asked that question yet, but they could. And I would say that I feel like the musical emulations are the musical identity of the show. Plus it’s fun for me. And in this case, I wanted to make it sound like we’d found a tune that was already written and placed it in the show because it was so apropos!

Enjoy Lemonade!

Apologies to Leon.


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