Monday, March 16, 2009

Five Interesting Things about 8

Happy mid-March, tutti! Yes, 'tis eye, Steve, back again to tell you that episode 8 of our show will begin airing next Monday. That's March 23rd.

To give you something to do until then, here are a few tidbits of information about episode 8. None of them are spoilers, and none of them reveal any important jokes. None of them, therefore, are going to be very nightly news magazine-worthy. But they are loved by their mothers, so I hope you'll stick around and give them a read.
  • Episode 8 features the most location-rich shooting of all our episodes so far. I'd surmise a full 50% of the show takes place in locations other than Mason's apartment building. Totally rad!
  • Episode 8 contains 5 songs. Five! No, it's not a musical; it simply required more musical ingenuity than our previous episodes. I'm sure you'll get to hear all those songs in their entirety online soon. Wicked!
  • Episode 8 has a cast of thousands. Well, okay, not thousands. Just 12. All of whom have at least one line, unlike the baby parade people from episode 7. Righteous!
  • Episode 8 will be the episode to watch for all Apple, Mac, and iPhone fans. Why? Hey, like I said, no spoilers! Well, no good spoilers, anyway. Bithcin'!
  • Episode 8 contains some of the most frightening costumes in LFTI history, even if you count Guy's get-up in episode 5. Gnarly!
Is your interest piqued? Is your whistle wet? I sure hope so. Be sure to watch LFTI episode 8, "*may be addictive," next Monday!

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