Monday, March 9, 2009

Save the Date, Date Saver

Gentlemen and lady (only one female reads this blog), we have exciting news for all six of you! Episode 8 is nearly done, and the first episode will be released on...

Oh, the tension! Can you believe it? An actual release date? Who would have thought we'd get to this point? Not us, to be sure. Certainly not Robb, who's been working so hard on this episode that he's now literally a part of the computer. (It's kind of gruesome, in fact. During our last meeting on Sunday, he could only stroll within a three-foot radius of the Mac, and his motions were limited by the wires and tubing that had attached themselves to his body, which has itself become rather gray in pallor. On the plus side, he was able to instruct Tanya from afar on the proper way to make home-made biscuits.)

As this episode nears completion, all of us are getting very excited. It's quite a gem, I feel. Robb's music is top-notch, and there's about 40 hours of it, all crammed into 28 minutes or so. Yes, it's that good! There are moments of genuine drama and tension, and moments of newity. Yes, NEWITY! LFTI moments so new, I had to make up a word.

So be at your computer and ready to click Play on March—

AH! I can't stand it! I can't believe it! An actual date! Wow. It's like I can't even bring myself to say it. Or type it. Or say it into the microphone and have the Mac type it for me. I can do none of those things. I also can't say the three bushels of other things about Episode 8 that I want to, like how Mason does that one thing, or how Guy dresses that one way, or how Ashleigh becomes obsessed with that one item, or how Jennifer practically does that one thing with the other, or how Lou transforms herself into that other whatever. So exciting!

But after the release date, all these things will become clear. After March 23rd, the world will be a funner place.

I did it! I said it! March 23rd! March 23rd! March 23rd! (And, as legal is advising me to say, every Monday thereafter until April 20th.)

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