Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We Were Mentioned (By Proxy) in the Huffington Post!

Thanks, Yuri.

Okay, here’s the deal; Ryan Davis of the Huffington Post blogged about independent “TV” shows on the web yesterday.

Two shows in particular were on Ryan’s radar, “The Burg” and “Break a Leg.” They are both very good shows. Both of them produced by good people. Kathy, Tanya and I actually bought “dinner” and drinks for Kathleen Grace and Thom Woodley, the producers of The Burg (they were in LA from Williamsburg, very nice, but where are the new episodes?!). We haven’t had a chance to buy Yuri and Vlad Baranovsky of BaL a meal yet, but if they’re ever hungry we will be more than happy to.

So, how did we get mentioned, and why am I so eager to buy food for a couple of expat Ukrainians? Well, the only reason we’re on the Huffington Post is because Yuri and Vlad mentioned LFTI as one of the shows that they are watching.

Wasn’t that cool of them?

I’m not sure of the number of hits that have been generated for our site due to the Huffington Post’s…uh…post because they didn’t hyperlink to us. But we had a good day yesterday. Our second biggest ever. Yeah us!

[Okay, I just checked back in with the article. It seems that we are now hyperlinked! So now I’ll be able to track just how many chocolate martinis we owe the Baranovskys.]

Anyway, check out the article on the Huffington Post (mention how much you hate the war in Iraq and get a free smoothie!).

And, whatever you do, don’t forget to watch Break a Leg! Visit their blog. Buy some T-Shirts. Just say “thanks.”

Thanks again BaL.


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