Monday, October 29, 2007

We’re Featured

On that is.

I urge you to go to and give them some love. You’ll probably recognize some familiar faces on the front page. Our viewership on indieTV has been a nice little boon, so, again, go to indieTV and watch, or at least vote or comment or something (as long as you’re in the commenting mood, why not visit our iTunes page and write a review? Or, go to YouTube and leave us a nice note. You could also subscribe to us now on Miro – if you haven’t checked out Miro, I highly recommend it, it’s great. BTW, people who liked us on Miro also liked Katie Couric’s podcast. Really? That’s cool with me. But weird, no?).

Anyway, Kaywood Hopkins is the man behind I’ve actually been a member of the site for quite a while. I joined up right after we decided to make an online sitcom. Kaywood used to produce an indie sitcom called 35th Street Mission and I liked it. Plus he was a fellow Washingtonian so his show had even more interest to me.

Also, Kaywood built an entire coffee house set in his basement! And I’m not talking about some crappy cardboard boxes painted and taped together either. It was a good looking set (Hey Kaywood, do you still have that, I’m just curious?). Now that’s dedication.

So, go to and check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

And watch for the Halloween special to appear there very soon.


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