Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Music From the Inside

If you follow us on Twitter, you know that earlier in the week I promised to post a little music from the show. If you follow us on Twitter you would know that. If you don’t follow us on Twitter you’re just now receiving old news. Now, I don’t want to say that you’re out of the loop or anything, I’m just saying…well…maybe you should follow us on Twitter? It’s easy.

But that’s not the point of this post. I just wanted to share a couple tunes from the show with you. Share some tunes and shame you into joining Twitter.

No! I don’t want to shame anyone into joining Twitter! Forget about Twitter!

I’m sorry, I’m in the midst of a minor mental civil war here.

Let’s get to the music.

This is the “Theme Song” for the show. It’s a song I wrote called “Fine Print.” I think that it pretty much sums up Mason’s worldview. In fact, it sums it up so well, that we’ve only ever used it in the trailer! (and as some background music in Episode 1) It’s been written and recorded since forever. We always hoped to make a proper credit sequence and use it for that, but our show is always so long that we’ve never been able to.

(A little inside scoop: I’ve got a little “intro graphic” in the works for the next episode. It’s not a credit sequence, but it’s fancier than the title we use now. And what song accompanies it? ….Not “Fine Print.” Hmmm.)

I know this song has been up for a while on MySpace, but now you can enjoy it here without the threat of sexual predators.

This next tune is one of my all-time favorites. Seriously, I love this tune. I know it’s poor taste to say that about something that I created. But I don’t care. I like it. Plus, I keep forgetting that I made it. Probably because I’m not critical of it at all. I enjoy it independently of myself. If you’ve ever made anything you’re proud of, you can probably understand what I mean. It’s almost like the song wrote itself.

Well, now I’ve got it all built up. You’ll be expecting a lot. Well don’t. It’s just a good little tune. Maybe you shouldn’t even listen to it now. In fact, you know what?! I think the song is crap! It really sucks! It’s terrible!

Okay, I believe that I’ve successfully cancelled out those two paragraphs. I’ve cleansed the palette. Now you can enjoy the tune.

This is called “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Mason.” Yes! Like the short! It’s the theme from our Halloween Special. I was going for a “Peanutsy” Vince Guaraldi-type thing. I think it worked. It incorporates some melodic ideas from “Fine Print.” Though no one thus far has noticed. Even after I’ve pointed it out.

Now you can compare and see for yourself! The “A” section of “ITGP,M” borrows the chorus melody from “Fine Print.” Listen for it! Let me know if you can hear it.

As an added bonus, the tune has a sort of “Autumny” quality to it, which is a nice respite if, like us here in LA, you just went through a horrible heat wave.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little musical side journey through LFTI. I’m off to keep working on the music for Episode 7! There’s some fun music coming! Really. I’m quite happy with it.

Wait for it!

Join Twitter!



Anonymous said...

Wow. I had not noticed that ITGPM uses the LFTI theme. But I would have had Robb taken the time to point it out to me. I feel like an overlooked child, maybe the third of five, all born into a decent but overworked household. Mom is too busy at the law firm composing discovery briefs and taking extra cases helping little people fight corporate malfeasance, and dad is compassionate but a bit demented since the big mineral spirits spill in his studio. The oldest two siblings have time for no one because they are in a heated competition with each other to see who can get the best GPA, the fourth kid is into WoW and so might as well not even exist, and the youngest is still in diapers and can't therefore fulfill the social needs of the lonely and uninformed middle kid. Me.

But the songs are nice. Very nice! Great job. Can someone please make me a sandwich now?

LFTI said...

Why can't you be more like your older brother and sister, Steven?

They're so...dedicated.