Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I’m a Fan Fan

Let me start off by saying that, in case you’re reading this blog post in a vacuum, Episode 7 (Part 1) is online! Check it out here, here and here. As always, rate, comment and subscribe if you haven’t already (or do it again. Why not? Live life on the edge I say!).

Now, let me get to the point:

I love our YouTube subscribers. Not romantically. In a friendly way. You shouldn’t love your YouTube subscribers in a romantic way. It just gets messy. Things go sour, your subscriptions disappear and you find yourself alone, making videos purely for self-pleasure while your old subscribers – who said they’d always read your bulletins – are off insincerely LOLing at every contrived non-joke uttered by that freak Daxflame just to make you jealous!

Well…I mean, that’s just one of many possible outcomes.

But I do love our YouTube subscribers. I love all of our subscribers. But the YouTube subscribers are the most vocal (textual?). And that’s what’s so great about them.

See, we didn’t have very many subscribers for a looooong time. Then we got featured on the front page of YouTube and our subs quadrupled. A bunch of great people were introduced to the show. It once took 5 months to collect 3 comments on any given video (no kidding), one-third of which were…let’s just say “slightly critical of our efforts.” But, now we get quite a few comments right away. And they’re GREAT! Supportive. Appreciative. Because people actually wait for us to release new videos (albeit, not always patiently, but I’ll take the impatience as the compliment that it’s meant to be). It’s nice to know that there are those out there who look forward to seeing LFTI.

And I love them. Our subscribers.

Not that way!

No! I’ll not endure your unspoken accusations! I saw the snide way in which you read the penultimate sentence! I want to reiterate that my loving feelings toward our YouTube subscribers is purely platonic.


I just want to be their friend. Maybe go out and have a loving yet friendly cocktail with them. And then who knows? Maybe come back here, put on a purely platonic Miles Davis album and see in which completely companionable direction the nights goes…

But I swear to god, if I have to hear about Daxflame one more time!

Don’t forget to watch “Life from the Inside” Episode 7 (Part 1)!

Oh, and one more thing:

Since it’s not a post from me unless I indelicately shove the music from the show down your throat…here’s some music from the show!

This is Mason’s theme from Episode 7. Actually I just wrote it the other day. Really. It was a late addition to the episode. I had some crappy music in its place before, but I said to myself “should I write good music here or just leave in the crappy stuff?” For some reason I decided to cut the crappy music. So here’s the new tune I wrote to replace it.

It’s based on the tiny palindrome jingle I sing in the show, “Dog no poop on God.” So, I might want to give credit to the man who actually wrote that little diddy, Steven Rowley, the writer of the episode.

I said I might want to give him credit. And I would give him credit if I were in the mood to credit someone with writing an arpeggio…which I’m not. So tough luck, Steven! It’s an arpeggio!

Here it is! Mason’s Theme from LFTI Episode 7. Now you can hear it unobstructed by the noise of our “acting.”


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