Monday, May 12, 2008

Episode 7 Maxi-Sneak #1 (of 1)

Way back in March, following the shooting of episode 7, I began a series of Mini-Sneaks on Twitter. (You are following us on Twitter now, right? I mean, after Robb's pleading plea and all, right?)

Okay, so you're following us on Twitter now, but you probably missed the Mini-Sneaks. Which is such a shame.

Well, shame no more! With episode 7 a mere week away (Did I just say that? YES I DID!), I thought it'd be helpful to reprint the Mini-Sneaks here, just so you feel like a true fan. Granted, if you're reading this blog, you're already a true fan, but still, please, indulge me.

Here, for the first time in one convenient collection, are all Episode 7 Mini-Sneaks! These sneaks give nothing away while being almost too-powerfully tantalizing.

#1: "Do babies wear a lot of hats?"

#2: "That's ABSRD."

#3: "Can I get a free boost?"

#4: "Jenny! Your frizzie!"


#6: "Today, it's a workout whistle."

#7: The accent!

#8: "A man, a plan, a canal: Panama!"

#9: "It might be corn..."

#10: "No soup for you!" [This was later found to be from the wrong sitcom. —Ed.]

#11: "Look, there's a fire hydrant!"

#12: There was no #12. No, really, that's not from episode 7, there really was no #12. #7,832 and #90,765.04 were out of order, and it got us all confused.

#13: "I love peach cobbler!"

#14: "...That lived in the house that Jack built!"

#7,832: "There's nothing wrong with my face, Kate."

#90,765.04: "Why would a cat come in soy?!"

Oh, wait... what's this? A bonus Mini-Sneak? No friggin' way! This is such a find!

#90,766: "Literally or figuratively?"

Literally! It's such a find. Really.

So with that and the visual sneak peek from last month, you should be so far on the edge of your seat that you're not even on your seat any more. You should be on the floor, gasping, your eager brain ready to receive that which is Life from the Inside episode 7: "*do not duplicate."

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