Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Press, Stress and Egress

I said “egress,” not Egrets. “Egress” means the action of coming or going out. To burst forth, spill over, be released, etc. Wikipedia has an entry on “egress” all about signal leakage from coaxial cables which isn’t near as compelling—or gross—as it sounds. An Egret is a kind of Heron (see photo). A Heron is a kind of waterfowl. A waterfowl is a bird that lives on or near the water. Water is that wet stuff we need to consume in order to survive.

Clear? Yes? Well, it doesn’t matter anyway because I’m going to talk about some press we got recently.

LFTI has been mentioned in this article from The Times of London (Online Edition):

Read the article!

So we’d like to thank Francesca Steele (the journalist) for the nice mention and attention she’s given our show! It was a pleasant surprise. We only found out about it through a Google Alert, so it was completely unsolicited and, well, surprising.

You know, I say “unsolicited” as if we have ever gotten press that was solicited. We have never solicited anyone for press. And that last statement isn’t near as compelling—or gross—as it sounds either. Not that we’re above soliciting people for press. But who has the time for that? We have a show to make! There’s no time left over to make sure that people actually watch it!

Anyway, check out the article for yourself! It’s complimentary. Francesca likes the show. Otherwise, why would she mention it? There’s no shortage of Internet stuff to write about. Therefore I will not take umbrage with the two opening sentences; “It seems anyone can make movies these days. Or sitcoms at any rate.” Even though, it is true. We are “anyone.” It was not a judgment of us specifically, I’m sure.

It wasn’t, right?

No. It wasn’t. Definitely not. But one can get a little gun-shy in this whole Internet sitcom business. It requires a tough skin at times. However, we always have our fantastic subscribers to carry us through. Over 1000 of them on YouTube! We just hit that number recently. It was a big milestone for us. One that we are sublimely proud of. A true source of comfort.

Which brings me to my next topic:

We no longer have over 1000 subscribers on YouTube!


A glitch! It was all a glitch! Evidently YouTube was having an issue with their subscriber counting mechanism. It seems that people who “unsubscribed” were not being deleted from the count, which meant that the number of subscribers given on people’s channels didn’t match the actual number of subscribers.

Well, YouTube went ahead and fixed that little glitch.


We just need 12 more to get back to 1000. We lost about 42. That’s actually not as bad as some poor YouTubers out there who lost hundreds. So we’ll take this little hit if it means that we won’t be deluded anymore in the future.

Tell your friends to subscribe!

Now to the “Egress” portion of this post (see definition above):

Episode 7 has been a great success! And I have absolutely no doubt that it is entirely due to my music. Now Tanya and Steve may tell you differently, but they’re more deluded than we were when we thought we had over 1000 subscribers. (Sorry, I’m having a hard time coping.) It’s all about my music!

And I’ll prove it to you! I’m going to post a little something here, and you just watch, it’ll have over 6 hits before tomorrow!

Here’s Dixon’s Theme from Episode 7. The full version. The episode never contains the uncut version. So I thought that I would post it here. Hey, why not get 5 of your friends to listen to it too and help me prove to Tanya and Steve that I’m right and they’re chumps!

Get those 5 friends to forward it to 5 other friends each and you may find true love! Who knows?

It’s been a while since I pulled out the old saxophone, so, if you happen to be a skilled sax player, don’t criticize me too harshly (as a saxophone player myself, I know what restraint that’ll take and I appreciate it greatly).


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Anonymous said...

I come from a long line of chumps, so your words do not harm me. In fact, they give me succor, sucker!