Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Save Me, Grocery Delivery Dude!

GDD sure can pack a bag of groceries! Don’t believe me? Why not watch the short “Bagging?”

Seriously, someone needs to watch it, it’s our least viewed video on YouTube! (followed, for some inexplicable reason, by Episode 2 Part 2). I guess that groceries don’t hold the public’s attention like they used to. Even with the price of groceries in the news so much these days! Hmm. One might say that “Bagging” is our most topical video! Yet, there it sits, being ignored.

And it shouldn’t be ignored! Nobody puts Bagging in a corner!

Watch it for many reasons. Fine performances by Corrie Meyers, Steven Lekowicz and the incomparable Jimmy Bopp. Smashing camera work and direction by Adam Hodge. Outstanding boom operation by Yours Truly! Groceries! Oh, so many groceries.

Watch it for the music.

Really. I put a lot of time in on the score for Bagging. It was fun for me. I was going for a sort of 50s edutainment vibe. I think that for the most part I pulled it off. But judge for yourself.

Watch Bagging.

Or…just listen to the score. Here it is:

I took all of the music in the short and kind of crammed it together into one piece. Not included in that score is the little intro and outtro theme that I wrote. You’ll have to watch the video to hear that!

Why am I posting music for the second week in a row here on this blog? Well, why not? Plus, I’m finishing up the music for Episode 7 so I’m in a kind of musical mood.

Episode 7 is coming very shortly! VERY SHORTLY!


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