Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sneaky Peek!

Hey, Insiders (or Lifties or Lefties if you prefer…actually, this parenthetical brings up an interesting question…what do you prefer? Do you have a preference? Does anyone really care? Let us know.)(Sorry, that last parenthetical got the best of me.)(Perhaps I should just start a new paragraph?)(A cleaner paragraph, uncluttered with junk in parentheses?)(Yes, I think I will)(In case you were interested), read the next paragraph!

Hey, Insiders (see above), I’ve been working like crazy to get the next installment of LFTI online. It’s chock full of surprises, interesting twists, daring rescues and a talking wymaraner on horseback!

Okay, only a couple of those things are true. Can you guess which? Maybe we’ll turn it into a contest?! (No, we won’t. We already have a contest like that. You can get your name in the credits! Be sure to enter because it’s going to end very soon)

As a small token of our esteem, and because we’d like to build a little buzz ( a very little buzz), I’m going to give you a small glimpse behind the curtain. A sneak peek at the inner “life” of Life from the Inside. An “Inside” look, if you will (will you?).

You’re about to be treated to LFTI as I (Robb) mostly see it:

As a series of bars and tiny windows.

I’m sorry, did I make that sound like a prison? Oh, yes, I can see how you may have gotten the wrong idea. Hmmm. Purely unintentional, I can assure you.

I was speaking, of course, about Final Cut Pro, whose interface is series of bars and tiny windows. The horizontal bars of its timeline and tiny windows of its display (on my computer anyway) are the sieve through which I most frequently view our show.

Day in and day out. With very little respite. An occasional furlough now and again. Perhaps a stroll through the yard.

Again, in no way am I implying that an editors life is at all comparable to that of a prisoner’s. Most editors sit in tiny cubicles or cramped darkened rooms from which they are isolated from the rest of humanity. Rooms in which no natural light dare enter. Often times wallowing in their own heat, stink and refuse.

And prison cells generally have air conditioning.

Plus, I personally, edit this show at home. So, if anything, I might be compared – if at all – to a “house arrest” prisoner. You know, like Martha Stewart was. Except with about 74 fewer rooms.

See. It’s all fun! And just about the most exciting thing you’ll ever witness! That’s why on all those “behind the scenes” featurettes they have on DVDs, they always show you so much o the editing process.

It’s just so darned compelling!

And I’m going to share some of it with you today. You’re so lucky!

But don’t worry, for fear that it’s just too much excitement for one person to take, I have limited this BTS look to exactly one screen capture (you’re welcome).

And here it is:

Now, I can’t give too much away, but with some detective work, you can glean certain details.

For instance, you’ll note that I’m in it. So you know it’ll be awesome.

You can also see that I’ve labeled the tapes “IL.” That shows that I’m incredibly organized.

You can further see that this sequence is called “Cut 2.” Which intimates that there was at least one cut before it. A testament to my tireless quest for perfection.

You’ll notice that somehow the words “to change” are involved.

And, perhaps most importantly, if you look real hard at the bottom of the screengrab, you’ll spot a sound file marked “Birds.” This is the biggest clue of them all. Is it important? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just homage to the Birdman of Alcatraz? Drawing further attention to the fact that editing all day and prison life are entirely different experiences.

So, be sure to stay tuned for the next installment of LFTI! I just got the call for exercise. The yard’s open. I’m going to trade my neighbor 2 packs of smokes to do my laundry.

What a bargain!


Also: The release date for the release date of the next episode will be released soon!

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