Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gonna’ Live in the Sea, Girl

Hey all you cats and kittens, grab your socks and get ready to rock ‘cause LFTI’s got stacks and stacks of the best on wax! So, put your ear to the speaker hole and prepare yourself for some rock and roll!


Why, why, why am I talking like a circa 1950s radio DJ? Two reasons:

1) It’s incredibly fun and you should try it sometime.

2) I’ve got some music for you today!

Oh, stop it. Quit your complaining! You’ll like this one. It’s a 50s style doo-wop love song…about a puppet.

I know, I know, you’re saying to yourself “Jeez, Daddy-O, if I have to hear one more 50s style doo-wop love song about a puppet I’m going to de-bobby my socks and un-poodle my skirt – but for good!

But this one is different, I swear! It’s unlike any other 50s style doo-wop love song about a puppet that you’ve ever heard! Or your money back!

It’s from Episode 4! Way, way back. It’s in the oldies style and now it’s an actual oldie! But you didn’t hear the whole song in episode 4, far from it. You only heard a very small part of it (the beginning part to be exact). It’s a tune called “Dream Girl.”

Need to be reminded? Here (at about 1:58):

(Also, if you happen to watch the whole thing, you’ll hear the new “LFTI Theme Song” played in it as underscore music. It was “Mason’s Theme” from this episode.)


Grab your chick, hit the bricks and get ready to be sick! (This patter isn’t as easy as it seems.)

“Dream Girl” is hitting the airwaves!

ALSO: It’s official. Steve’s previous post is actually becoming a contest! Stay tuned for details. As well as a cool banner link to the contest to make it look…well…cooler.


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