Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Blue Period

That title could sound gross, taken out of any kind of context, couldn’t it? I am, of course, making a reference to genius painter, bon vivant, and, later in life, all around hollow weirdo, Pablo Picasso.

Let me make myself very clear. This title is an allusion to Picasso and not, I repeat, not to an informational medical pamphlet about Martian female adolescence.

Okay, we’ve cleared that up.

Why am I talking about my blue period (you can’t not think of it that way now can you)? See, as Steve and Tanya have both pointed out, there are going to be some changes around the set of Life from the Inside. And I’m not just talking about the fact that Kathy has left the show. There are many new, exciting and immensely superficial changes going on as well!

Tanya also told you about the sofa and gave a sneak peek of it. Well, it’s common knowledge that you can’t change your sofa without changing your artwork. Don’t believe me? Tough. It’s common knowledge. It’s not my fault if you’re uncommon.

Who am I to buck common knowledge? I’m not like you. I’m not a doubter. So, we had to have new artwork on the walls. And since we’re too poor to afford real art (we have to sleep on the set for crying out loud), and we’re too snobby to put up posters, I’ve been working on a new painting for the (Mason’s) living room.

Here’s a glimpse of it. Now, keep in mind that this is merely a computerized simulation of what the actual painting will look like. And this is only one corner of it too. The final piece will be a triptych that will hang over the new…ooohh, there was almost a bean spill! That’s for later.

For now, there’s this.

Again, this is just the computer model. I’ll be painting the real one, so the final version will have much crappier color.

And that’s bout it I guess. I’ll talk at you later and…


You thought you were going to get off easy, didn’t you?! Sucker. You thought that I wasn’t going to torture you with music from the show, eh?!

Well think again.

Here’s the waltz I wrote for Episode 5 *side effects may include night terrors. That’s the title, not a disclaimer for the music. Though, I suppose it’s possible.

The especially maddening thing about this tune is that, in my opinion, it ends just as it’s getting good! But such is life. One of the hazards of being written for a short cue on an Internet sitcom.

This tune opens the third part of Episode 5. Why not re-watch Episode 5 and refresh your memory?!

…or take a listen to this.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks at the exhilarating things we have planned for LFTI! Seriously! We’re gearing up to get some new videos out and everything! Imagine that?!


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Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why we're putting a Klingon Battle Cruiser into the painting. I know we want to capture the geek contingent, but I still think a Viper or Galactica is a better, more modern choice.