Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Friday Already?

I completely had myself convinced today that I didn't need to blog because it was only Thursday.

Which is really sad when you think about how much I've longed for it to be Friday all week. Add to that the fact that I was informed I could leave work an hour early today as a treat "just because it's Friday" and you have complete proof that I've lost my mind.

Why so scatter-brained you ask? Some would say it's a constant state of being for me. But I hate those people, so let's not give them any more thought.

It's actually because I'm always in a constant state of mental confusion when we are in production. This is what happens when you produce and star in your own projects, you completely lose your mind trying to figure out all of the details, on top of memorizing lines and worrying about your own performance. I've had several people stop me this week and ask if I'm okay as I seem to be in another world. How do I explain the thoughts that are swirling through my head? How do I explain just how many different things I'm thinking about/going over/obsessing about?

But, this weekend isn't the only filming we've been doing lately. Here's a sneak peak at something that's going to be online REAL SOON.

That photo looks so staged and yet, it was very real. That was something we filmed a couple of weekends ago and I'm very proud to say that I ran the camera for it. It was definitely a trial by fire as I've never ran the camera for anything yet - oh I've held it a time or two - even looked over other DP's shoulders to get an idea of how they framed the shot, but never actually ran the camera. So, it was definitely a trial by fire for me and I had a lot of fun doing it. But, I have A LOT to learn, so I'm really looking forward to my next experience.

Which (lucky for me) will be this weekend!


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Anonymous said...

And what a job you did! Everyone will get to see it TODAY! Good job!