Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our First Contest!

NOTE: The contest is now over, but go visit the contest post to see the answers and find out who is the big, big, big, big winner!

* * * * *

Yes, my last post has officially turned into a contest! Isn't that exciting? Okay, so it's a pretty simple contest, but Jessica Simpson is simple, and look how much people love her?

So how do you participate in this contest? Easy! 
  • Go visit the original post here.
  • Read it.
  • Contemplate the list therein.
  • Choose which of the 18 items you feel will be in our upcoming "episode," and which will not.
  • Write a comment on that original post (not this one!), putting the number of the item, and then TRUE or T for the items you think will be in the "episode" or FALSE or F for those you think won't be. (Click here to get to the comments.)
  • Wait for glory and fame to come your way!
Okay, so how are we going to dole out glory and fame, considering we have none ourselves? Easy! The winner's name will be put in the credits of our very next video (which, incidentally, is our next "episode"). You can't beat that with a wet stick! Imagine how much cooler that prize is than 52 boxes of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat!

Ah, you've caught the flaw in my logic. We have no glory, nor any fame, so how will attaching your name to the show get you both of those things? Er... well... uh...

Look! A condor!

Here are a few notes about the contest.

In order to post your prize-winning comment, you have to have a Google ID (Google, Gmail, Blogger, etc.) or an OpenID (see here... you may already have one). Spammers have forced us to require this. Take it up with them.

The contest will remain open approximately 2 weeks. We will close it in enough time to get the winner's name in the credits.

Please only enter once. I mean, really, are glory and fame worth cheating for? History demonstrates, quite obviously, that they ain't.

Entries become the property of Hank Yokel, who will use them in his country store to attract new business and up-sell customers on feed and livery.

Have fun! Good luck! Godspeed!

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