Thursday, July 31, 2008


The Wonderful World of the Wide Web is filled with ceWEBrities (or WEBlebrities, if you prefer). And the World Wide Comic Book-Type People World…or whatever…is filled with COMlebrities (I’m hoping that one starts catching on).

Last weekend a good deal of both were gathered together in one place for the sole purpose of sitting behind rickety folding tables cluttered with kooky crap.

The place? San Diego. “The Big S.D.” The Diego by the San.

The reason? I said it earlier, weren’t you paying attention? The rickety table thing?

…And Comic-Con.

Everyone who is anyone was at ComicCon – or was at the very least represented by an official proxy at Comic-Con.

How do I know?

Because LFTI was at Comiccon.

That’s right! Steve and myself went to Comic Con to represent the show (at least that’s what it’ll say on our taxes). Tanya, refusing to wear the sexy metallic Princess Leia in Jabba’s Palace costume, was forced to stay behind in LA.

This was my first time at the convention and I learned two things at ComicCon this year:

1. There are about 10,000 different, yet apparently acceptable, ways of spelling Comic-Con.

2. There is no stink like the stink of the bathrooms at Comiccon. Evidentally $6 pretzels and waxy pizza, when combined in the stomach of a dude wearing a storm trooper costume, create toxic gasses that could terraform Mars.

Steve and I had a great time, shuffling through crowds, getting free stuff, hobnobbing with contemporaries.

We even stopped by to see the folks from The Guild. No, gentle Guild fan, we did not meet Felicia Day. She wasn’t manning the booth when we strolled by to say “hi.” In fact, she’s become such a huge celebrity now with the release of Dr. Horrible (quite a few Dr. Horrible costumes at Comic-Con by the way), that I’m surprised she had any time to greet her Guild fans (but she did).

But we did get to chat briefly with Vincent Caso, Sandeep Parikh and Jeff Lewis. They were all very nice and promised to watch our show (note to Vincent, Sandeep and Jeff: if your Google Alert goes off and you read this, there’s a link to our show on this page…a few actually. In case you lost the business cards we gave you. And it was nice to meet you! An additional note to Jeff: If I had known that you had written a film that’s about to be released I would have heartily congratulated you. That’s very cool. Congrats!)

They were busy signing autographs and generally being ceWEBrities. Cool, approachable, ceWEBrities. So check out The Guild! You may not have heard of it. Yeah, they’re a pretty obscure organization. Give ‘em a shot. Support those kids.

Steve also took some pictures while at Comic-Con. Very interesting, poignant and personally inspiring pictures to chronicle our time in San Diego.

Here they are:

All 4 of them:

This a picture (above) of Steve pretending to be Iron Man. Personally, I think it’s a pretty poor imitation, but the comic-drunk patrons of Comic-Con (not pictured) seemed to think it was okay. I said “Man of Steel?! More like Man of Teal…blue design aesthetic…‘cause you’re a pansy…!” And I laughed. Until Steve informed me that Superman is the “Man of Steel.” Which makes no sense at all to me since Iron Man is made of…plastic.

I dressed up like Jabba the Hut (above)(Tanya, I could have used you in that Leia costume!). I have gained a bit of weight lately. So I had that working for me. Sure the costume was a bit lazy. But, in my defense, I had very little time to prepare. Hey, at least I made the effort to find a dead alien frog-looking thing to eat! I think it made the costume.

This is a picture (still above) of the MST3K planet that I forced Steve to take because…well because MST3K kicks ass, that’s why. This photo also makes me personally responsible for exactly 25% of the photos taken at Comic-Con. I think that officially makes me a “muse.”

This is Peter Mayhew (don’t keep making me tell you where the photo is). He played Chewbacca (what a Wookie!). He was there to sign autographs and take cash from Star Wars geeks. Did he sign anything for us? Heck no. We don’t have the kind of money he was asking for autographs. Yes, he charged for autographs. Big deal! What do you want?! He freed the galaxy from the Empire’s icy grip! That was free (except for the money he got for rescuing Princess Leia…but he stuck around for free)! Intergalactic warfare: Gratis. Putting up with comic book geeks: $150.

And that was Comic-Con 2008. Hope you enjoyed this personal glimpse into our exciting lives!

We really spread the word around about LFTI! It was a rousing promotional success!


No music today. But I’m working on some for the next video that you might like. It’ll be here to torture you soon enough!

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