Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Red Hot Blip on Blip Action!

Ever wondered what the hot shows on are? Well look no further than Blip on Blip (*w00t*), hosted by the inimitable Eric Mortensen to find out.

If you do look no further than Blip on Blip (*w00t*), and more specifically, if you look no further than the latest episode of Blip on Blip (*w00t*), you’ll discover that one of the hottest shows on is…

Life from the Inside!

Us! This show! …The show on which whose blog you’re reading. What do you mean you’ve “never heard of it?!” You’re reading the…! Okay, Funnyperson, why not watch Eric’s show and learn more about our show.


Let me tell you, it was a nice surprise to find out about this yesterday (in tweet form thanks to Twitter. Follow us on Twitter! F-o-l-l-o-w u-s….). Usually we know ahead of time when something like this is going to hit the Nets (I’m including write-ups in that last sentence because…well…because I have to. Otherwise the “Usually” would equal “1”). So to see that Eric put this all together without our input was very cool (Of course, he and cameraman/editor Bill Cammack did have access to all of our episode files afterall. In high quality even! In fact, you can watch all our “high resolution” episodes at

It’s especially cool to feel that Eric digs the show. He is the Director of Content Development which means the he has probably directed some developing content from time to time, so he’s not a total n00b.

Yes, okay, he did bust our oysters a little about not letting him (and know about the show, but in our defense, it was a careful strategy:

Sure, any old hack can put a show online with tons of fanfare, generating so many hits that it crashes the show’s website ( But that’s Old Internet Hollywood, baby. We felt that the best way to grow our audience would be very slowly. Like painfully slow. Creep up on the Internet and take it from behind (not that way, gutterbrain)! A sneak attack!

And our plan would’ve worked too, if it weren’t for Eric Mortensen and his meddling Blip on Blip (*w00t*)!

Sure, we finally broke down and told Eric about our show, but that’s only because he said to in another installment of Blip on Blip (*w00t*). And we always treat every episode of Blip on Blip (*w00t*) as if it’s directed especially to us. It’s more fun that way. And way creepier.

But speaking of Blip on Blip (*w00t*); Wasn’t that just the best episode of Blip on Blip (*w00t*) that you’ve ever seen? Have you even heard of a better episode of Blip on Blip (*w00t*)? Do you think I’m using the word “Blip” too much?

I am.

Why? Well because I watched the video in the post under the post about us on Blip’s blog. You see, the Blip team searches the Web for references to Blip (egotists). I just wanted to make sure that Blip didn’t miss this post.

…About Blip.


And thanks, Eric (you too, Bill)!



Eric M. said...

Sorry about your oysters! I'll try to be gentle next time.

Anonymous said...

If Blip likes "blip" so Blip's blip is more than a blip (get my blip?), then let's blip all day! Every day will be Blip day. There'll be Blipday, Blipday, Blipday, Blipday, Blipday, Friday, and Blipday. (Everyone still likes Fridays, so we'll have to keep those in tact.) Will "Blipday" be a blip when Blip blips for "blip"? I don't blipping know.

Bill Cammack said...

Glad you enjoyed the episode, Robb! :D

Cheers! :D