Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mean Street

I’m using the term “mean” here in the mathematical sense, in that the street is not “malicious” but rather “average.” Why? Because the street in question is the one I live on. It’s pretty average. Other than the fact that there seems to be garbage pickup around the clock, every day of the week, it’s fairly commonplace.

In fact, if there’s only one thing extraordinary about the street; it was made famous in the hit Internet sitcom “Life from the Inside.” It was especially on display in episode 7 *do not duplicate.

Which is ironic when you think about the fact that I have duplicated it. The street that is. In painting form.

That’s right, there’s new artwork on the set of LFTI. We needed to it supplement some other changes that have happened to the set (which I won’t reveal here). Needless to say, the idea for me to paint another painting was born out of necessity and not, unfortunately, out of artistic desire.

This is always difficult. We need a painting, but I don’t want to just paint any old crap. So I’m forced to be artistic on the spot. Sometimes this can turn out really well; sometimes it can be a disaster.

I’m pretty sure it’s the reason that so many people in the 70s decorated with driftwood:

“We need something to go over the fireplace!! What will we do?!”

“I don’t know! It’s the 70s and my brain is still reeling from Watergate…and all the hash I just smoked!!”

“Well think of something! Company will be here any minute and you can’t have a key party with bare walls!”

“Umm…I found this old piece of wood the other day…?”

“Perfect!! Throw it on the mantle!”

“Ahhh…that is perfect! And I especially like the way it’s waving to me!”

“Maybe you should lay off the hash?”

“No way! It’s the 70s! Disco’s coming and I’ll need it!”

Like I said, “art” for purely decorative reasons isn’t always the best. But seeing as how I don’t smoke hash, hopefully my efforts are more successful than Mr. And Mrs. 70s there.

But maybe you should tell me? Here’s the painting (It’s not the best picture of the painting, bear with me, I did my best):

*** There SHOULD be a picture here. However, Blogger is a piece of crap. Don't worry, it'll be here shortly! Rassafrakkin' blogger! I have EDITING to do! I don't have time to mess with Blogger!!! ***

*** Update!! the photo is there now...duh.***

It’s a triptych and it’s bigger than it looks here (since there’s no context). The actual size is about 1.5 feet tall by a little over 6 feet long.

Soon you’ll be able to see the whole, new and improved, set. Then you can make your final judgments.

…always judging, you are.


I would like to properly thank Yuri and Vlad over at Break a Leg for featuring us on the front page of Blip during their stint as guest Curators!

Thanks guys!

And if you haven’t seen their show, I strongly suggest that you watch it. They’ve just started their season finale and it’s epic. So go there and give them some love!

Break a Leg - The Sitcom -


(Oh my god! You got away from this post without having to listen to music from the show! I can’t believe it! But just wait, there will be more music later, and you will be strongly asked to listen to it!)

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lac582 said...

Love the painting, especially because in LFTI-land it's a view of the outside that Mason doesn't see. Kinda Twilight-zoney. Or maybe just ironic.