Monday, July 7, 2008


LFTI is a very carefully scripted show. Each episode is refined and honed a great deal before it's ready to shoot. With this in mind, it might be important to note that we did a little something... extra this weekend. We shot an improvised scene.

I won't give away too much about why we shot an improvised scene. In fact, I just deleted two paragraphs about it! Now isn't that mysterious! There's been so much mystery here lately that we could batter it, deep-fry it, and sell it to you on a stick. (For a very reasonable price, of course.)

I myself was not too sure how it would work, this idea we were shooting. It seemed like a stretch to get our characters to introduce what they were introducing without actually introducing it, as an introducer might introduce things requiring introduction. I am pleased to say that I am now very excited to see the final results! Aren't you?

Robb came up with a framework to riff off of, and we went from there, making it up as we went. The shoot turned out to be a lot of fun, and hopefully produced enough amusing material to craft into a small scene that just happens to include what it includes (see preceding paragraphs regarding mystery and introductions). Whatever we get, it should feel just a little bit different from a LFTI episode or short. In a good way!

Of course, I had to improvise a bit explaining Guy's hair. See, some cuttress took about 40 yards too much off my mop during my last haircut. It was my first time bringing my custom to this particular lady, and though I gave her stills of episode 7 and said, "My hair needs to look like this in 3 to 4 weeks," she roundly ignored me, as most cuttresses and cutterers do. Yet I still tipped her because I hate to be seen as a cad. It's something I need to work on, this Cuttress Distortion Field where no matter what the cuttress is doing to my hair, I say, "Yes, looks great! Sure, it's wonderful! Yes, wow, hey, look!" It always happens! It only takes a few steps out of the salon before the CDF wears off, and I go, "Gosh. This is nothing like what I wanted. I wish this were Best Buy and I could cram my haircut back into the blister pack from which it emerged and exchange it for a better one." Though it's my hair with which the cuttress is playing God, I feel I can't speak up and say, "Hey, that's going just a bit too far, there, missy! Let's take this scissor train back a couple clicks!" I suppose even if I did feel I could speak up in this way, it'd be way too late to do anything about it anyway. It is truly a bizarre phenomenon, the CDF, and part of my personality that I really need to work on.

But I can pay someone for that. You're here for free, and thirsting for entertainment, and my rambling about my dratted hair will provide none of that for you. So just be looking for a new, improv-ed LFTI video soon. Soonish. Well, sorta soon. I mean, we are gearing up for episode... 8. Ish. And Robb has to get this scene edited whilst we prepare for episode... 8. Ish. Just be aware that a new video is coming, and your patience will be rewarded. Soonish.


Robb said...

It was a fun shoot!

And I'd like to point out that because of my last blog post, all the ads on this blog deal with Pablo Picasso!

It's a win for me! My childhood dream fulfilled!

Anonymous said...

I see now that all the ads are about motivational speakers. Must be your TelePrompTer Period.